Project Management

If your business has people scattered over a wide area and they all work on the same project or you want to be able to track the progress on the project they are working on, you need a web based project manager that is responsive and your people can use it anywhere they are.

I can provide you with one that will have the following.

  • Project Dashboard
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Time-sensitive Milestones - Project deadlines are the lifeblood of your company. Ensure timely delivery and keep on top of priorities
  • Lightweight Task Lists and Drag & Drop To Do Lists - Tasks can be a real pain, but entering them doesn’t have to be. Tasks are grouped in lists and changes are instant.
  • Project File Manager & Attachments - Keep track of all your important project files and attach them to projects, milestones, tasks and discussions.
  • Track Billable and Un-Billable Time on Tasks - Your time is important. Keep track of every minute spent on tasks, billable or unbillable.
  • Centralized Group Discussions for Reference and Records - Conversations can quickly get lost in Skype, phone calls and emails.

Check out the demonstration project manager by clicking here.

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Optional Features

  • Slide Show Banner
    A giant banner that changes pictures with various effects to show off different parts of your business.
  • Facebook Fan Box or Twitter Feed Box
    Invite your websites visitors to stay in contact with you via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Custom Forms
    All businesses need to collect unique information from their customers.
  • YouTube video on your website
    Do you want to be able to show videos on your website?
  • Allow comments on your articles just like the news sites and blogs do
    People love to comment & come back again and again to read what others have said.
  • Social media share buttons
    If your customers like your products or services, why not make it easy for them to spread the word.
  • A Photo Gallery
    People love pictures.  Share pictures, share the love...
  • A Calendar
    Make sure your customers don't miss your special events.
  • Google Maps in your website
    Helps customers find your office and come buy things from you.

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