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Erik KritterI’m just a guy who likes the internet and wants to help people in my community develop & grow their businesses.

My background is pretty diverse.

I had planned on a career in the Marine Corps while in school & spent 7 years in the Marine Corps Reserve. But, I blew my knee very soon after graduating college and that all came to an end.

I worked in sales and marketing for the first 10 years out of college. Primarily in financial services and heavy-capital goods electrical equipment.

Then I got in on the management side of things; General Manager of one business for 3 years and was a Plant Manager for about 3 to 4 years with another firm.

I have also done a lot of political work through the years.  As a kid and then for years I volunteered (stuffing envelopes, putting up signs, etc...) but since 2009 I've worked as high level campaign staffer & consultant.  At the local level I've worked for campaigns for Board of Supervisors, School Board, & Commonwealth's Attorney;  at the state level - House of Delegates, Virginia Senate, & Lieutenant Governors Races; at the national level - Congressional campaigns for the United States House of Representatives.

So how did I wind up doing this?

Well, I’ve always wanted to work for myself & have had several “play” businesses (sideline business) in the past as well as one which was my sole source of income (Closed Circuit Connections).

Then I stumbled into this quite by accident.

Let me back up a bit first.

As a child I first learned to write code in BASIC on an Apple IIe computer & have been playing with computers ever since. For most of my adult life I described myself as a “power user”.

In 2007 a friend convinced me to play with writing HTML code & help out with the website for a club that I was a member of. The next thing I knew, I was updating pages for a few friends, then adding a few web pages to existing sites, and finally I did a few websites from scratch. This pattern has continued & grown.

This all started out as a “fun” hobby. Now it is how I earn my living.

Erik E. Kritter