The best text listing in Google

Everyone wants their listing in Google to be as big as possible.  With as many links as possible.  Below you will see two examples. Ask yourself which one you would rather have.

You may also want a photo beside it (click here for example)

 Click on the images below to see them full size in a new window.

I did the site that generated this one. It is the first listing McKelvey for Delegate.

Click on the image to view full size.

Someone else did this one. It is also the first one Austin for Delegate

Click on the image to view full size.

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Google's search results determine how many customers visit your website.

People are increasingly searching Google instead of the yellow pages when they want or need a product or service.

Potential customers use keywords like "plumber blacksburg", "attorney roanoke", and "cpa roanoke va".

Ranking well for search terms related to your business will bring you new business.

The first organic listing on Google gets over 42% of the clicks. That means that website is getting almost half of the visitors for that search.

The second spot gets almost 12% of the traffic .....

It gets worse from there...

Learn how to rank higher in Google